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We are a company specializing in multi-platform user interface design, software development and digital marketing.

We work exclusively for the company, focus on our customers' internet strategies, produce high performance and professional solutions.

We have produced hundreds of projects since 2005 and we continue to produce. With our experienced and dynamic staff, we provide uninterrupted, fast and high quality service.

We always follow the developing technology and the impact of technology on production, marketing strategies, and offer this development to our customers' advantage and service.

Predoova® WebOS (Web-based operating system), DNFramework (web framework developed by our company) and CIOS® Mice & organization management software used by leading companies of MICE sector since 2012, also have experience in technology and software field of our company. and continues to develop and expand every day as products that continue to enhance their capabilities.

The main areas of expertise of our company are;

  • Web-based package and boutique software development
  • Multi-platform user interface design (multiplatform UX design)
  • Enterprise-level website and portal development
  • Mobile app development
  • Digital advertising purchase services
  • Professional search engine optimization
  • Online retailing systems
  • Portal and broad content-based systems
  • Datacenter Services

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